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Latvia 5 euros silver coin 2016 – The Earth


5 euros proof coin with box.
Mintage 5,000
Issued in 22.12.2016


The collector coin “The Earth” is made of translucent perlucor with a silver outer ring. The symbolic Earth at the centre of the coin points to its place in the system of human values and its existential integrity. The jewel-like Earth is enclosed by a diaphanous veil representing the Universe where the planet Earth is floating as an island of life.

The author of the coin’s graphic design making a debut in coin art is architect M. Kalniņš. The artist’s original idea of a translucent coin came out as top winner at Latvijas Banka’s competition of innovative euro coins in 2015. The material used is perlucor, an extremely innovative ceramic material with extraordinary mechanical, chemical and thermal resistance and excellent optical properties. It is used in laser, military and medical equipment engineering, optical applications and elsewhere.