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20 euros 2016 Lithuania – to 25th anniversary of the consolidation of independence


20 euros proof coin with box.
Silver Ag 925
Diameter 38.61 mm
Weight 28.28 g
Quality proof
Mintage 4,000
Issued in 2016

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The flags on the reverse of the coin are arranged in a semi-circle in order of recognition by countries of the State of Lithuania after declaring its Independence in 1990. Special attention is given to Iceland, which was the first to recognise Lithuania’s Independence. The reverse of the coin also bears the logo of United Nations (UN). Lithuania joined the UN on 17 September 1991. The obverse of the coin features a stylised Vytis, the inscription LIETUVA at the top, value – 20€ – on the left-hand side, and the year of issue – 2016 – at the bottom. For half a century — from annexation in 1940 to re-establishment of independence in 1990 — Lithuania had no possibility to fully participate in the international community. Although annexation did not annul Lithuania’s international legal subjectivity, under occupation its implementation was impossible. Therefore, with the restoration of independence, the reinstatement of Lithuania’s fully- edged participation in international a airs — both in the development of bilateral relations with the rest of the world and in joining various regional and international organisations — became one of the most important tasks. The renewal of diplomatic relations with other countries, as well as the country’s admission to international organisations was important not only in the political and legal, but, above all, the symbolic sense — as a sign of recognition of the independence and sovereignty of the State of

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