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2 гривен монета 2016 Украина – Львовский торгово-экономический университет


2 гривень монета UNC
Металл Cu/Ni/Zn
Диаметр мм 31
Вес г- 12.80
Тираж, шт. 30 000
Выпущенные в 12.12.2016 году



Series: Higher educational establishments of Ukraine
This coin commemorates the Lviv Trade and Economic University, one of the oldest educational institutions to provide training in the area of trade. Having inherited the best practices of the Lviv Academy of Commerce, today it is a modern European educational institution, which successfully educates young people, and promotes their academic development.

Obverse: above is Ukraine`s small coat of arms and the legend УКРАЇНА (Ukraine); in the center against a smooth background is an image of the university building, above which is the coin issue year 2016 (to the left) and the legend 200/РОКІВ (200/years) (to the right); below is the coin issue year ДВІ ГРИВНІ (two hryvnias) and the mint mark of the NBU Banknote Printing and Minting Works (to the right).

Reverse: there is the university`s coat of arms, with the year when the university was founded 1816, and the following semicircular legends: ЛЬВІВСЬКИЙ ТОРГОВЕЛЬНО-ЕКОНОМІЧНИЙ УНІВЕРСИТЕТ (Lviv Trade and Economic University), LITTERIS ET COMMERCIUM.