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5 гривен монета 2016 серебро Украина – волк


5 гривень монета Proof
Металл, проба серебро 925
Диаметр мм 33
Вес г- 15.55
Тираж, шт. 4 000
Выпущенные в 09.11.2016 году



Series: Fauna in Cultural Monuments of Ukraine
This coin celebrates the wolf and its representations on the cultural monuments of Kyiv Rus, a period in the development of Ukrainian society. The original culture of Kyiv Rus did not copy or adopt the legacies of other cultures. Instead, it organically combined cultural elements from neighboring countries, tribes and peoples with its own traditions. The tribes and peoples that inhabited Ukrainian lands for thousands of years created a culture and handed it down to future generations, ensuring uninterrupted cultural progress.

Obverse: above is Ukraine`s small coat of arms, the legend УКРАЇНА (Ukraine), the coin issue year 2016 and the coin face value 5/ ГРИВЕНЬ (5/hryvnias); in the center is a gilt fragment embossed on a rhyton (auroch`s horn) that was found in the Black Grave (Chernihiv, A.D. 10th century), depicting two fighting wolves. Near the fragment is an image of the rhyton it comes from.

Reverse: there is an image of a wolf (to the left) against the background of a fragment of a bracelet with wolves found in an ancient settlement in the Principality of Halych (A.D. 12th-13th centuries), and the vertical legend ВОВК (wolf).