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2 euros 2015 Lithuania – Lithuanian language


UNC 2 euros coins.
Coins: Diameter – 25.75mm Thickness – 2.2mm Weight – 8.5gr 75% copper – 25% nickel clad on nickel core
Mintage: 1 000 000 pieces


Lithuanian belongs to the family of Baltic languages ​​and is related to Latvian. It is written with Latin letters and read from left to right. The Lithuanian alphabet used in writing corresponds to the Latin, with the addition of a, c, e, i, s, u ž. The first signs of written Lithuanian dates back to the sixteenth century. Between 1795 and 1915, when Tsarist Russia ruled the country, the Latin alphabet was forbidden to reinforce the use of Russian.

Lithuanian is the official state language of Lithuania and is recognized as one of the official languages of the European Union. There are about 2.9 million native Lithuanian speakers in Lithuania and about 200,000 abroad.

The coin designed by Liudas Parulskis and Giedrius Paulauskis depicts the word Ačiū (Thanks) in Lithuanian in the foreground and more letters in the background background.