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10 hryvnias 2016 Ukraine – Petrykivka painting


10 hryvnias proof coin
with box and sertifikat
silver Ag 925
diameter 38.6
weight 31,1
Mintage 5000 pcs
Date of issue: 2016



Series: Ukrainian Heritage
The coin is dedicated to the Petrykivka Painting style, a type of traditional Ukrainian decorative painting. This ancient tradition, which symbolizes the spiritual unity between humans and nature, is still being developed today.

Obverse: on the left, there is Ukraine`s small state coat of arms, below which is the legend УКРАЇНА (Ukraine) and the coin issue year – 2016; on the right, there is the coin face value – 10 ГРИВЕНЬ (10 hryvnias); the composition is conventionalized: against a smooth background, there is a Petrykivka Painting fragment (pad printed in color on the silver coin) and an artist`s hand holding a brush.

Reverse: against a smooth background, a conventionalized composition consists of an artist surrounded by a wreath executed in the Petrykivka Printing style (pad printed in color on the silver coin); on the left there is the semicircular legend ПЕТРИКІВСЬКИЙ РОЗПИС (Petrykivka Paining).