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2 eurų moneta 2018 Liuksemburgas – Williamas I


UNC 2 eurų moneta
Skersmuo – 25.75mm
Svoris – 8.5gr
Tiražas: 300 000 vienetų


175th anniversary of the death of Grand Duke / King William I. William I, born in the year 1772, lived first in Berlin but maintained close contact with Napoleon. He even chose Napoleon’s side but was later for Prussia. After the fall of Napoleon, Prussia and England wanted a strong country north of France. This became the Netherlands with the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. William I proclaimed himself king of the Netherlands and Grand Duke of Luxembourg in 1815 and came ashore in Scheveningen. Willem I actually came at a time when he could take full advantage of the infrastructure and the administrative structure set up by Napoleon. William I was a great merchant, made a fortune and was called the "Koopman Koning" (merchant king). He was part of the basis of the fortune of the House of Orange. In the year 1841 he lent 10 million guilders, at 3% interest, to the poor Dutch state! He had great difficulty accepting the split from Belgium and in 1840 h e renounced the throne. In the year 2018 it is 175 years since Willem I died and to commemorate this Luxembourg has issued a special 2 Euro coin. On the left side of the coin is a portrait of Grand Duke William I. At the top of the coin is the text "Guillaume 1er" (Willem 1st) and the years 1772 and 1842. On the right side of the coin the current Grand Duke Henri (Hendrik) is portrayed. The year 2018 is also shown. On the left of the year is the Lion, the Luxembourg mint mark. To the right of the year is the Dutch Mercury Staff, which indicates that the coin is struck in The Netherlands.