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1.5 euro moneta 2019 Lietuva – Moneta, skirta Užgavėnėms


1.5 euro moneta 
Metalas: Cu/Ni lydinys
Skersmuo – 27,50 mm
Masė – 11,10 g
Monetos paviršiaus kokybė unc
Išleidimo laikas – 2019
Tiražas – 30 000 vnt.


The reverse of the coin features distinctive attributes characteristic of Užgavėnės, a lively end-of-winter celebration: in the centre – Morė, the effigy of winter, surrounded by a beggar, a crane, a witch baking pancakes, Lašininis, a symbol of winter, Kanapinis, a symbol of spring, and a goat playing an accordion. The composition is surrounded by the inscription UŽGAVĖNĖS and the slogan of the celebration: ŽIEMA, ŽIEMA, BĖK IŠ KIEMO! (WINTER, WINTER GO AWAY!). A pad-printing technology was used to create the impression of flames surrounding Morė.

The obverse of the coin features a character of Užgavėnės – a horse rider, i.e. a person dressed up in a costume that makes him appear to be riding a horse. It also features the inscription LIETUVA (LITHUANIA), the year of issue (2019), denomination (€5), and the mintmark of the Lithuanian Mint.