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5 гривен 2016 Украина – Украина начинается с тебя


5 гривень монета UNC
Металл Cu/Ni/Zn
Диаметр мм 35
Вес г- 16.54
Тираж, шт. 50 000
Выпущенные в 12.10.2016 году

Артикул: 2 Категория:


The coin commemorates volunteerism in Ukraine, which grew to unprecedented proportions during the Revolution of Dignity and the start of the military conflict in eastern Ukraine. Volunteerism united Ukrainian society by successfully creating an efficient network of non-government initiatives and unions that dealt with the country`s most urgent and pressing issues. Volunteerism manifests a remarkable ability to unite, social responsibility, humanism and service to people.

Obverse: to the left is Ukraine`s small coat of arms and the vertical legend УКРАЇНА (Ukraine); against a smooth background is a conventionalized image of the trident, the sign of the Princely State of Volodymyr the Great, consisting of various-sized conventionalized hearts, which symbolize self-sacrifice and generous deeds; there is also the coin face value 5/ГРИВЕНЬ (5/hryvnias) (vertical, to the right); beneath is the coin issue year 2016 and the mint mark of the NBU Banknote Minting and Printing Works.

Reverse: there is the following symbolic composition: in the center is a silhouette of a Ukrainian soldier with a yellow-blue heart (pad-printed); the soldier is surrounded by conventionalized hands with hearts, which represent care, protection, sacrifice and kindness.