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20 рублей Серебреная монета 2005 Беларусь – Брест


20 рублей Серебреная монета
Металл, серебро 925
Диаметр – 38.61 мм
Вес- 33.63 г
Качество proof
Тираж, шт. 2 000
Выпущенные в 2005 году


Commemorative coins «Brest»

Obverse: within the circular geometric ornament – the relief of the State Coat of Arms of the Republic of Belarus; beneath – year of issue, silver coin – fine silver content and alloy standard; inscriptions along the rim – on top: «РЭСПУБЛIКА БЕЛАРУСЬ» (REPUBLIC OF BELARUS), at the bottom: «ДВАЦЦАЦЬ РУБЛЁЎ» (TWENTY ROUBLES) on the silver coin and «АД3IН РУБЕЛЬ» (ONE ROUBLE) on the copper–nickel coin.
Reverse: in the center – relief of Brest’s panorama from an engraving of 17th century; on the top left–hand side – relief of the Coat of Arms of Brest; inscriptions along the rim – at the top «БРЭСТ» (BREST) and at the bottom «ГАРАДЫ БЕЛАРУСI» (BELARUSIAN CITIES).