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2 Евро рулон 2017 Словения – 10-я годовщина введения евро в Словении


2 евро монетa
Диаметр, мм – 25.75mm
Масса общая, г – 8.5gr
Тираж, шт. 1 000 000


Slovenia has been a full member of the European Union since May 2004. In light of the commitment to introduce the euro as the national currency, the Slovenian government adopted a convergence programme. The convergence criteria having been met, the Council of the European Union took the decision in July 2006 to admit Slovenia to the euro area. Under the Council Decision of 11 July 2006, the date for Slovenia’s introduction of the euro was set as 1 January 2007. The tolar exchange rate against the euro was also determined, at SIT 239.64 to the euro.
Euro banknotes are used in all countries that have introduced the euro. Euro coins have a common European side, and a reverse (national side) that is different for each issuing country. Coins are legal tender in all countries of the euro area, irrespective of the various motifs on the national side.
Activities to design the national sides of Slovenia’s euro coins were begun in April 2004. Proposals for motifs that might adorn the coins were collated in preliminary discussions and through public invitation. The government defined the motifs and inscriptions on the national side of Slovenia’s euro coins in April 2005. Five designers were invited to submit designs for the euro coins. At the conclusion of the competition in June 2005, the design chosen was that of Miljenko Licul, with his colleagues Maja Licul and Janez Boljka. The government approved the national side of Slovenia’s euro coins in July 2006, and published the designs in the Official Journal of the European Union on 20 November 2006.
The government passed the Euro Introduction Act in November 2006, thereby setting out detailed procedures for the introduction of the euro as Slovenia’s currency. It was stipulated that as of 1 January 2007 Slovenia’s legal tender is to be the euro, while tolars could be used for payments until 14 January 2007. There is no time limit for the exchange of tolar banknotes and payment notes at the Bank of Slovenia.
The Republic of Slovenia is issuing a 2-euro commemorative coin to mark the 10th anniversary of Slovenia’s introduction of the euro, an event that made it a member of the euro area and part of the Eurosystem, which uses the euro as currency. In addition to inscriptions, there is an image on the coin of ten swallows, which have great importance in folk heritage, and whose flight in the direction of the hour hand symbolises progress and development.