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1 рубль 2008 Беларусь — Легенда о кукушке


1 рубль монета
качество Proof-like;
диаметр 33,00 мм
вес 15,5 г.
Тираж 5 000 шт
Дата 27.03.2008


Commemorative coins «The Legend of the Cuckoo»

Obverse: at the top – the relief image of the State Coat of Arms of the Republic of Belarus; in the center – the stylized image of the silhouettes of cuckoos and elements of the national Belarusian ornament against the background of the symbol of perpetual motion – the image of a spinning wheel whose pattern is changing into the structure of tree rings; beneath – the year of issue (alloy standard shown on the silver coin); and circumferential inscriptions: at the top – РЭСПУБЛІКА БЕЛАРУСЬ (THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS) and at the bottom – 1 РУБЕЛЬ (1 RUBLE) on the copper–nickel coin.

Reverse: in the center – the stylized image of a cuckoo whose wings look like long sleeves of feminine dress flapping in the course of dancing; the national Belarusian ornaments are shown inside the silhouette of the cuckoo; beneath the right wing – conditional images of the kids’ bodies and egg–shaped ovals that are symbols of the legend; and on the left – a circumferential inscription: ЛЕГЕНДА ПРА ЗЯЗЮЛЮ (THE LEGEND OF THE CUCKOO).