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Graikijos 2014 metų oficialus monetų rinkinys UNC


Oficialus Graikijos metinis apyvartinių monetų rinkinys.
Tiražas 13 000 vnt
Nominali vertė EUR 3.88
išleista 2013 metais


Featuring all eight coins, from 1 cent to 2 euro, the official Grees euro coins Set 2014

Euro Coin Set to dedicated to region of Greece – Thrace.

Thrace, the north-easternmost region of Greece, comprises the Prefectures of Xanthi, Rodopi and Evros. The region is bounded by the rivers Nestos and Evros, by the Rodopi mountain range to the North and by the Thracian Sea to the South and has a major seaport, Alexandroupolis. Blessed with stunningly diverse and pristine nature, Thrace boasts internationally significant wetlands, lakes, national park and the fascinating island of Samothrace, all increasingly popular tourist destinations. Traditionally one of the breadbaskets of Greece, Thrace is now looking for new ways to tap its huge growth potential. Thrace has also had an important and continuous presence in national and world culture, ranging from Democritus and Protagoras to a rich musical heritage, consistent with Thrace’s renown as the “land of Orpheus”, and the Xanthi Old Town Festival. Finally, the harmonious coexistence of Christians and Muslims gives Thrace’s towns and villages a unique feel, while also fostering understanding and cooperation between cultures and peoples.