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5 euros silver(gold plated) coin 2018 Latvia – Honey


5 euros proof coin with box.
Silver of fineness .925; gold plated (.995) 
Weight: 16.50 g
hexagon – 29.00 mm
Maximum mintage: 3 000
Date of issue: 2018

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Bees have been working hard on the Earth for millions of years. The rather selfish friendship of humans with bees emerged as a result of continuous fight for livelihood. Initially they used the generous gifts arising from efforts of bees in a cautious manner in natural surroundings. It was the honey harvested from the nests of forest bees that our ancestors tasted first. The oldest man-made beehives of the 10th century BC have been found in the Middle East in the territory of the present-day Israel. The scientific foundations of beekeeping were laid in German states only at the end of the 18th century. In the 19th century, beekeeping specialists in various countries across the globe contributed to the creation and improvement of the modern hives with removable frames (or honeycombs) and with bee-entrances.

The job of beekeepers involves work with aromatic beeswax cells and golden honey we tend to compare to amber. Since time immemorial, Latvians have associated the work of beekeepers with a healthy lifestyle, and it has also been surrounded by the poetic atmosphere of folk songs. A place bustling with bees tells us that it is dominated by cleanliness, harmony and order. It is the place where people’s thoughts become lighter and their bodies healthier.