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5 евро Серебряная монета Латвии 2018 – Моя Латвия


Монета достоинством 5 евро с коробкой.
Серебро 925
Вес: 31,47 г
Диаметр: 38,61 мм
Максимальный тираж: 4 000
Дата выпуска: 09.03.2018


The large coat of arms of the Republic of Latvia, with the year 2018 inscribed beneath, is placed in the centre. The inscription LATVIJAS REPUBLIKA, arranged in a semicircle, is above the central motif. The inscription EURO, topped with the numeral 5, are placed beneath the central motif.
A drawing of a smiling sun is featured on the reverse, with the inscription SAULES MŪŽU LATVIJAI (May Latvia live and prosper forever) to the right.
To honour the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Latvia Latvijas Banka organized an open coin design contest for children. The motto of the contest was «My Latvia», and over 10 000 drawings were presented by 6 742 participants. The winner of the contest was Elizabete Kandere, a 10-year old schoolgirl. The image of the Sun in her drawing is enhanced with monumentality and uniqueness via its spontaneous modernism and sincere well-wishing «May Latvia live and prosper forever!”.