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20 euros gold coin 2017 Latvia – Gold Brooches. The Horseshoe Fibula

20 euros proof coin with box.
Gold of fineness .999
Weight: 6.00 g
Diameter: 21.00 mm
Maximum mintage: 4 000
Date of issue: 31.08.2017


The history of the brooch in the territory of Latvia began with various brooches from the early Iron Age (1st–4th century AD) – the so-called eye fibulae, tutulus fibulae, cross-ribbed fibulae, arbalest fibulae and round disc fibulae with openwork wheel, cross and fire cross motifs. The older brooches were imported, but soon the local craftsmen began to use them as models to make their own brooches, with their form reflecting the local aesthetic and mental concepts. Brooches were used to fasten and adorn clothing by all – men, women and children. The form of and ornamentation on brooches also served a protective function (jewellery as amulet). The form, size and material may have changed, yet the brooches have remained popular until the present day.

Horseshoe fibula was the most popular type of ancient brooches and has been used on the territory of contemporary Latvia for almost 1 000 years. They became a typical adornment in the Late Iron Age (9th–12th century) when they were cast in bronze, iron and silver. Horseshoe fibulae were used by both men and women. Only at the end of the 17th century horseshoe fibulae were completely replaced by ring fibulae.