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2 Евро монетa 2019 Андорра – Совет Земли


2 евро монетa UNC в блистере
Диаметр, мм – 25.75mm
Масса общая, г – 8.5gr
Тираж, шт. 60 000


The Earth Council is the origin of the General Council of Andorra, one of the oldest parliaments in Europe.
It was established in 1419 with the approval of the co-princes: the bishop of Urgell, Francesc de Tovià, and the count of Foix, Giovanni I, following the meetings held by the citizens on the porches of the churches.
With the creation of the Earth Council, the co-principles granted the Andorranis the right to choose their representatives for each parish, which, once a year, meets a solution to the questions raised in relation to the territory, habits, relations with neighbors, water and in various private aspects.
This old parliament continued its continuation, evolving towards the present institution, after undergoing the processes of the New Reformation, in April 1866 and with the 1993 Constitution.
Currently the General Council is made up of 28 members, half of whom are elected through parish lists.