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2 euro coin 2019 Belgium – European Monetary Institute EMI

UNC 2 euros coin in coin card
Diameter – 25.75mm
Thickness – 2.2mm
Weight – 8.5gr
75% copper – 25% nickel clad on nickel core
Mintage: 150,000 pieces
Date of issue: 2019


In 1992, the Treaty on European Union, better known as the Maastricht Treaty , laid out a road map to a common currency and central bank for the European Union. As part of this, the European Monetary Institute (EMI) was established in January 1994 and was an intermediate, but crucial step towards establishing the ECB. Unlike the Committee of Governors before, the EMI got its own legal personality and quickly grew as an organisation and in terms of staff numbers. The EMI had two Presidents: first Alexandre Lamfalussy and then Willem Frederik Duisenberg from July 1997. Duisenberg also became the first President of the ECB in 1998. The President of the EMI chaired the Council, which also included the Vice-President and the Governors of the EU central banks.