European Currency Edition. European country 17+17 sets before and after Euro UNC


17 country 17+17 sets

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European Currency Edition 17 country sets before and after Euro UNC
1. Belgian Frank set Belgian Euro set
2. German Mark set German Euro set
3. Finnish Markka set Finnish Euro set
4. French Frank set French Euro set
5. Greek Drachma set Greek Euro set
6. Irish Pound set Irish Euro set
7. Italian Lira set Italian Euro set
8. Luxembourgish Franc set Luxembourgish Euro set
9. Dutch Gulden set Dutch Euro set
10. Austrian Schiling set Austrian Euro set
11. Portuguese Escudo set Portuguese Euro set
12. Spanish Peseta set Spanish Euro set
13. Slovenian Tolar set Slovenian Euro set
14. Maltese Lira set Maltese Euro set
15. Cyprus Pound set Cyprus Euro set
16. Slovakian Koruna set Slovakian Euro set
17. Estonian Kroon set Estonian Euro set